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Journey's End: Alice Liddell by Skrubhjert
Journey's End: Alice Liddell

"[...] Our newest patient, A. Liddell. Poor girl completely lost her goddamn mind. She used to be a normal teen as far as we know, until one day she decided to crash a neighbour's family tea party or something, and fucking decapitated a bunch of people. Witnesses reported her screaming 'Off with their heads!' over and over again while laughing her ass off. We caught her the same night, but she just wouldn't stop laughing, even as we closed the doors behind her. Her smile still creeps me out today.

She probably should've been executed a long time ago, but doctors from all over the place want to run all kinds of tests on her first, since she's that... well, batshit crazy. Bitch won't stop rambling about random stuff, like queens, doorknobs, rabbits, cats, and all sorts of other stupid talking animals. Truth is, we have no fucking clue what's wrong with her. We do know that she used to do drugs, but that alone can't be the whole story. There's more to it. There has to be.

She's got manners, though. Always curtseying and whatnot when she's confronted with strangers. Oh, and she loves chess. And card games. She's pretty good at those, actually. [...]"

First idea for a new little side project I'm working on. 'Journey's End' - if charaters from pop culture were real, where would they end up? This time: Alice from 'Alice in Wonderland'.

I already have some more ideas for other beloved characters. Let's see where this takes us. :)



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